Arlington County leaders expected to vote on 'Missing Middle' proposal

A controversial vote is happening Wednesday in Arlington were County leaders are expected to take up the 'Missing Middle' proposal.

The proposal would allow more duplexes and townhomes throughout the county. Currently, the majority of the homes in Arlington are single-family homes. Part of the argument is that it excludes large groups of people from being able to live in Arlington.

FOX 5's Melanie Alnwick says currently 75% of Arlington County is zoned for single family homes, and affordable housing is hard to find.

County planners want to change the single family zoning to allow more 'middle' housing types - like townhouses, duplexes, or small apartments in residential neighborhoods.

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Opponents have argued additional housing could overcrowd schools, increase traffic, and burden county services.

Council members did make some amendments to the plan, limiting the size of multi-family units to six rather than eight. They are also adding requirements for trees, parking spaces and lot size.

Wednesday's meeting resumes at 4 p.m., and the recommendation is in favor of the zoning changes.

If the County Council votes to go ahead with the zoning charges it would be effective July 1.