Arlington County invests $50k to design new logo; residents react

A lot of people may not have any idea what their county logo looks like – or even that their county has a logo at all, but it’s been a very different story in Arlington.

Back in April, officials tweeted out five finalists for the county’s new logo. They wanted to change the old one because it depicted Arlington House, the Robert E. Lee memorial. But the overall response to the new designs was less than kind.

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"These are wack," one person tweeted.

"These were the best? Yikes. They’re awful," tweeted another.

Arlington County Board Chair Matt de Ferranti heard about it off-line too.

"I heard it from a couple of friends who don’t get involved in county-related stuff," he told FOX 5 Wednesday, "and so we listened."

The county opted to go back to the drawing board, ultimately settling on a new design Saturday. It depicts Arlington in dark blue, D.C. and Alexandria in light blue, and the Potomac River in white.

"We heard enough concerns and we wanted broad community support, and I think you’re seeing that," de Ferranti said.

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Among people in Arlington Wednesday afternoon, reactions were mixed.

"The color scheme is great," one person said.

"It’s boring," added another.

De Ferranti said the county spent about $50,000 on the new logo’s design. That doesn’t count the cost of replacing signs and other objects that currently have the county’s old logo, which officials plan to do over time.