Another bus of migrants dropped off near VP Harris’s DC residence Thursday

Another busload of migrants were dropped off Thursday morning near Vice President Kamala Harris' D.C. residence.

FOX News video showed dozens of migrants getting off a bus near the U.S. Naval Observatory in the northwest during the pre-dawn hours..

In September, two buses of migrants sent by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott were dropped off in the same area after being picked up in Eagle Pass, Texas.

Over the summer, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser requested D.C. National Guard members be deployed to the nation's capital to assist with the arrival of migrants.

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The mayor has since declared a public emergency and created a new office to provide services for migrants being bused into the District from border states such as Texas.

FOX News reports about 10 additional migrant buses have arrived in New York City since Wednesday.

"For mayors like me that are dealing with a crisis – not of our making. And we're not a border town – we don't have an infrastructure to handle this level of immigration to our city," Bowser said in September. "But we will create a new normal here in our infrastructure and have a humane welcome for people and an efficient service provision. But we don't have the ability – we're not Texas."