Annual scrubbing of Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool underway

The annual cleaning of the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool is underway in D.C.

The facilities team of the National Park Service drains and scrubs the pool each year as spring approaches.

The team uses a 'Super-Scrubber' vehicle to clean the pool. The 'Super-Scrubber' is a modified CAT track machine with a powerful rotating scrubber on the front end that cleans the concrete bottom of the pool.

The annual scrub removes algae, goose and duck droppings, and other trash that buildup in the pool throughout the year.

This year, the NPS says a pipe repair will also be made before the pool is refilled next week.

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FILE: In this 2022 file image the National Park Service 'Super-Scrubber' works to clean the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool.