Angela Alsobrooks' plan for the future of Prince George's County

Revitalizing the Prince George's County community is on County Executive Angela Alsobrooks' agenda. 

The Suitland native has big plans for her second term in office, including bringing more business to undeveloped land in the county, and utilizing $400 million from the state to develop the area around FedEx Field known as the Blue Line Corridor.

Alsobrooks says the community already comes out in force to let their voices be heard, but she wants to see more done when it comes to education and crime. 

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"I hear people ask me all the time, ‘what is it that we can do more for education?’ We have just finished investing the largest sum of money we've ever invested in schools in the history of Prince George's County," Alsobrooks said. "It is not just the money, but we want our families to get engaged in the lives of their children. The education of children starts at home."

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"The second place I believe that I can be helped is with crime," she continued. "Unfortunately, we closed out 2022 arresting more children than adults for carjackings. What a carjacking suspect looks like in Prince George's now is probably somewhere between the ages of 15 and 17. That says that we have to do more as families. So, crime decreases with community involvement. If your children are the primary suspects in violent crime in Prince George's County, the truth of the matter is our families have got to do more, and we will do it as a community." 

Alsobrooks took a trip on the Blue Line where she discussed crime, education, development, and more in Prince George's County with FOX 5's Joe Clair. 

Watch part 2 of Alsobrooks' interview with FOX 5 below: