Alexandria holds parade in honor of George Washington's birthday

Today is President's Day -- a day when the country comes together to celebrate the birthday of the country's first president, George Washington -- and for hundreds of years, Old Town Alexandria has held a parade in his honor.

Pipes and drums filled the air Monday afternoon as families filled the streets to watch one of the country's most patriotic parades.

A Washington lookalike was seen on horseback along with his own mini Secret Service detail.

Alexandria City Councilwoman Del Pepper (D-VA) has been attending the parade for the last 35 years.

"We are so glad that this was his hometown and don't you think we milk that right to the end that George Washington slept here? We love it," said Pepper.

This year was also about commemorating the centennial of the American Legion, which started back in 1919.

The Old Town tradition continues to bring together the young, the old, the four-legged and even some real living members of George Washington's family.

The parade was one of many events happening in Old Town to commemorate President's Day.