After a deadly year on the roads, Prince George's County considers Walkable Urban Streets Act

Big changes could be coming to Prince George’s County roads after a particularly deadly year.

Officials said the county totaled 117 traffic deaths in 2022. That's significantly more than the region’s next-highest jurisdiction, Fairfax County, with 61.

"We’re going to be making our roads safer in Prince George’s County, especially in our more urban areas," Councilmember Eric Olson said Monday.

Olson introduced what’s called the Walkable Urban Streets Act, which he said would implement recommendations made by a 2017 county task force, as well as other safety measures.


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Olson added that potential changes to county roads include sharper turns that force cars to slow down, shorter crossing distances for pedestrians, and narrower lanes. Plus, the council member said the bill could lead to the removal of some lanes too.

"If you have a six-lane road in an urban area, you could easily take that down to four lanes and turn the outside lanes into bike lanes or on-street parking. You know, those types of things that really aren’t that costly," Olson explained. 


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Many people who spoke to FOX 5 Monday in Largo liked the idea.

"I think that it would make an even more safe environment for us," Mikeisha Best said.

Others weren’t so sure.

"I understand the attempt, but it probably won’t make that much of a difference," added Denise Thomas.

Olson said the legislation is expected to go before the full county council in the coming weeks.