72-year-old man dies in Fairfax County crash after suffering medical emergency

A 72-year-old man in Fairfax County has died over the weekend, police say, after suffering a medical emergency and crashing in his car Saturday afternoon in Burke.

Fairfax County police say they were called for reports of a crash at 1:45 p.m. Saturday, at the Burke Centre Library at 5935 Fred's Oak Road.

Officials say 72-year-old John Jasper, 72, of Fairfax Station was in his car, dropping mail at the sidewalk postal box. Witnesses say they saw Jasper's Ford F-150 accelerate across the parking lot.

They say the truck hit an unattended parked Hyundai Accent which made contact with a Mazda 3.

Lifesaving efforts were performed on Jasper and he was transported to a local hospital, where he later died.