71 malnourished animals, some pregnant with 'high parasite load,' rescued in Oklahoma cruelty case

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An Oklahoma nonprofit rescued 71 malnourished animals in an animal cruelty case.  (Natalee Cross )

An Oklahoma nonprofit said it has taken in 71 malnourished animals at the center of an animal cruelty case. 

Blaze's Tribute Equine Rescue posted on its Facebook page that last week it took in the animals with the help of the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.

The animals included 29 horses, two of them being studs, 23 cows, 13 goats, and six sheep. They were all in various body conditions. 

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The rescue said the cattle "are in extremely poor condition and very weak" and all animals have a high parasite load. The goats also have coccidiosis, a gastrointestinal illness, and the sheep are reported to be extremely thin. 

Vets also suspect some of the animals may be pregnant. 

"It’s truly heartbreaking to see such thin horses and cows with nursing babies, they are literally giving everything they can to their babies," the rescue said in a Facebook post. "All of these animals have a long road of recovery ahead of them."

The rescue said two cows had to be euthanized after being down with no access to food or water.  Deputies also found six deceased animals during its investigation. 

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According to KOKH, the animals belonged to Lisa and Madeline Zumstein, a mother and daughter. The women were arrested for animal cruelty and could face more charges, according to the outlet. 

The rescue is asking for donations as the veterinary expenses could reach up to $10,000. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.