5 tips to stay safe while grocery shopping during coronavirus outbreak

The only reason most of us are leaving our homes these days is to hit the grocery stores. But how do you stay safe

while you're out buying those essential goods?

"Going out for shopping can be stressful right now," says public health expert, Melissa Perry. She joined FOX 5 with five tips for safe shopping.

CORONAVIRUS RESOURCES: Everything You Need to Know

1. USE GROCERY SHOPPING SERVICES: This best option is to avoid the stores and have your groceries delivered.

2. PLAN AHEAD: If delivery is not an option, look up the store to see what type of infection control practices they are using (e.g. handing out hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes and observing the 6-foot-rule)

3. USE A PAPER SHOPPING LIST: Try not to take out your phone in the store while shopping.

4. AVOID HIGH-TOUCH AREAS: Avoid areas that shoppers frequently touch. Wipe down you shopping cart, shopping basket and use hand sanitizer.

5. IF SICK STAY HOME! Don't risk the safety of yourself and others around you at the store.


Perry says it's best to wash your hands after unpacking your groceries at home. She says avoid the temptation to hoard groceries – buy enough to last you about two weeks. She also recommends staying calm while shopping and understand -- we're all in this together.

Dr. Melissa J. Perry, ScD, MHS is a leading public health researcher at George Washington University's Milken Institute School of Public Health.