5 percent decrease in DC employee salaries for 2015

A new report has been released that shows the salaries of D.C. government employees. The list is 773 pages full of salaries for 2015 and is available for the viewing.

Some of the highest salaries on the list are Mayor Muriel Bowser at $200,000 and Police Chief Cathy Lanier at $230,743. The salaries continue down as low as $8,000.

Mayor Bowser addressed the salaries Wednesday night just before she rallied residents who are addressing homeless needs.

"The salaries are quite comparable to previous administrations, so they don't pose an extra burden," she said. "In fact, there is a reduction over the last administration."

Even with a five percent decrease in new city salaries, D.C. is still facing an $83 million budget gap. One of many issues in the mayor's administration she is tackling in her first month in office.

The D.C. Council is proposing to the mayor that she looks into at additional budget cuts and a hiring freeze.

The city is also dealing with a settlement over firefighter overtime.