3 men face charges for gang rape of 19-year-old woman in Montgomery Co.; 2 other suspects sought

Police say three men are facing charges as they continue to look for two others suspected of gang-raping a 19-year-old woman at a Silver Spring apartment.

According to investigators, on March 28, a woman went by an apartment at the 11400 block of Lockwood Drive in Silver Spring to meet with five male friends. She told police she had seen them daily but had met them all within the past month.

"This is a very disturbing case. Anytime multiple people are involved, and it's a concern to the community," said Montgomery County State's Attorney's Office Spokesman Ramon Korionoff.

The apartment door is now busted in, from what neighbors say was done by police in SWAT gear early one morning over the weekend.

According to police, the five men told the woman to play a dominoes game with them. They allegedly told her if she lost, she would have to take a shot of liquor or remove an item of clothing.

Through playing the game, the woman told police in her interview that she took four shots of liquor for losing, and when she told the men she'd had enough, they had her take off pieces of clothing.

She was eventually completely naked, police say, but when she told the men she was done playing, they insisted she continue and refused to give her back her clothes, except for her underwear.

The woman told authorities she was pressured into staying and had to drink some more. She told the men she wanted her clothes back so she could go home, police say, but one of the men told her that she was too drunk to leave and should lay down in bed.

The woman told authorities that the five men came into the room where she was lying down and allegedly told them to leave, but they didn't listen and forced off her underwear.

The woman told police she told the men "no" as the five of them proceeded to rape and sexually assault her.

The woman allegedly told police she was unable to move during the assault for fear for her safety. The woman told police she was worried about her safety in resisting the men, because she knew there may be guns around.

In her interview, the woman told officers one of the men had threatened her a few days before the incident, texting her a picture of himself holding a silver handgun, after he had told her to get him chicken wings, and she did not get them for him in a timely manner.

After the assault, the woman asked for her clothing so she could leave. She pretended to shower and was given a pair of shorts and a shirt that weren't hers, before she left and called her mother. The woman went to Shady Grove Adventist Hospital for a Sexual Assault Forensic Exam and told investigators about the assault.

Police say she was able to identify the five men based on photos on Instagram.

"I think Montgomery County police detectives have done a good job of finding these individuals. I think, as stated in the charges some technology involved, Instagram and other social media platform that enabled them to find out about three of the five individuals," said Korionoff.

Montgomery County police said 20-year-old Jordan Cobbs, 21-year-old Martin Moise Cherry, and 18-year-old Tombong Shelton Saidy have been charged with first-degree rape.

"We are working closely with our police partners locally and regionally to track these individuals down and get a hold of them and make our case even stronger. So we're looking forward to the public's help. Anything they can give us in the way of information can be held confidentially," said Korionoff.

Police are looking to obtain warrants to arrest the two other men believed to be involved the assault.

Chery and Cobbs are being held without bond, police say. Saidy is scheduled to appear for bond review Tuesday afternoon.