2019 predictions from clairvoyant Dr. Gwen MacGregor

What does the new year have in store for President Trump, the shutdown, the stock market and our local sports teams? Medium and clairvoyant, Dr. Gwen MacGregor, joined us to share what her "inner dialogue" tells her will happen in 2019!

Keep reading and watch the video above for Dr. MacGregor's predictions!


"I think he is not president again," MacGregor says. "My feeling, and everything that I've heard, is that he will not be. I do think he finishes his term or gets very close to the end of his term." She also added that there may be two presidents directly after President Trump.


"I don't think it goes a month and I think that it may be over in six to 12 days," MacGregor said. She saisy the date - January 13 - stands out to her as a possible end date.


"In March we're gonna see a better read. Things are gonna look better and then there's more of a roller coaster in late August and in the beginning of September," she said. MacGregor said things will look better toward the end of 2019 but don't expect a "bumper crop" year for the stock market.


Keep an eye on the Los Angeles Chargers, the Cleveland Browns and the Philadelphia Eagles moving ahead into 2019, MacGregor says.

MacGregor also says the Washington Capitals - the 2018 Stanley Cup champions - have a "clear shot" at winning it all again. And she's not saying that as a fan!


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry could soon welcome a baby girl, according to MacGregor. Plus, a little brother could be not too far behind!

Queen Elizabeth's health lasts for at least four more years, according to MacGregor. But, Prince Philip, she says, may not be in good health for as long.