18-year-old man arrested for murder of Jamahri Sydnor

Police say another arrest has been made for the murder of Jamahri Sydnor, a 17-year-old girl who was shot and killed while she was driving in the area of a shootout in Northeast D.C.

D.C. police arrested 18-year-old James Mayfield on Wednesday and have charged him with first-degree murder while armed.

Sydnor was shot in the head on Aug. 10 while she was driving her Nissan Versa in the 1400 block of Saratoga Avenue. She died at the hospital two days later.

The shootout that resulted in Sydnor's death was all part of an ongoing feud investigators described as "beefing with another group of young men" and affiliated with the neighborhoods of Langdon and Saratoga.

Police said three men - two gunmen and a wheelman - came back looking for revenge as they opened fire on a group of men standing on a corner on Aug. 10. Sydnor is believed to have been caught in the crossfire of this shooting.

Two other men have been previously arrested in this murder case. Police charged 18-year-old Robert Moses on Oct. 26 with first-degree murder while armed. Police also arrested 21-year-old Philip McDaniel on Aug. 11, one day after the shooting took place.

FOX 5 learned just 28 days before the shooting, Moses was arrested for possession of an unregistered firearm, but was released from jail on the condition he not possess another weapon or ammunition. But according to investigators, Moses was able to rearm himself and carry out the shooting on Aug. 10.

Sydnor, the daughter of a D.C. police officer, graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School earlier this year. She was set to attend Florida A&M University this fall before she was killed.