1776 Restoration Movement in DC to protest government overreach, other issues

A group protesting government overreach is in Washington, D.C. Monday where they say they will take their grievances to their elected officials.

The 1776 Restoration Movement group arrived over the weekend to the nation's capital. Many have gathered along the National Mall.

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FOX 5's Bob Barnard spoke with, John 'X-Ray,' a leader of the group who said they are in the District to "stand up for their freedom."

"We're frustrated with government overreach, with inflation that's through the roof, with the stock market that's in the toilet, with diesel prices at $6 or $7 a gallon. And we're frustrated with the way in which our elected and appointed officials are conducting themselves consistently." 'X-Ray' told Barnard Monday morning. "We're frustrated by the consistent and complete erosion of our freedoms here in the United States, and we're here to stand up for a smaller government and to try to turn that government back towards the founder's original intentions -- the constitutional republic."


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'X-Ray' said members of the group range from teacher, electricians and military veterans.

"We're gonna go on the move to some very iconic places here in Washington, D. C. to go see our elected officials and to communicate some of our frustrations -- so you'll see a very diverse group go on the move to stand up for freedom," 'X-Ray' continued.

Barnard said the group is an off-shoot of The People's Convoy – a group of truckers who circled the D.C. area earlier this year in protest of COVID-19 mandates and restrictions, illegal immigration and other issues.