'In The Courts:' New FOX 5 DC show to debut on May 1

FOX 5's new series "In the Courts" with Katie Barlow will debut Sunday, May 1 on FOX 5 DC.


The thirty-minute program will air Sunday evenings at 11:30 p.m., following FOX 5's 11 p.m. newscast.  

"In the Courts" is a weekly show about the law and how it works – or doesn’t. Katie Barlow interprets and explains America’s most confusing, sometimes confounding, institution and helps translate what’s happening in the courts for non-lawyers and court-watchers alike.

This program encourages questions from viewers as Barlow aims to break down the law, which is often expensive to understand and inaccessible to many. 

"The law underpins so much of our news coverage locally and nationally—from Kim and Kanye’s divorce, to wearing masks on an airplane, to the burgeoning marijuana business in our region and beyond," Barlow says. "I look forward to having a conversation with our viewers each week—answering their questions, talking with experts, and supplementing FOX 5’s already-excellent new coverage with a deeper look at major topics." 

Send in videos and story ideas to Katie for "In the Courts"

Twitter: @katieleebarlow 

Instagram: @katie_barlow

Email: katie.barlow@FOX.com 

Katie Barlow was named Chief Legal Correspondent for FOX 5 DC in March 2022. She is a journalist and lawyer who formerly worked at a large international law firm in Washington, D.C. Barlow has covered Capitol Hill with WTOP, as well as the Supreme Court with SCOTUSblog and NPR’s Nina Totenberg. She’s written for POLITICO and Insider, hosted a podcast called "Words Matter," and co-founded Circuit Breaker, a website that provided news and information about the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. As a lawyer, Barlow practiced white-collar defense and civil litigation with a focus on the Anti-Terrorism Act. A graduate of the University of Georgia, she holds dual degrees in Political Science and Broadcast Journalism. Barlow also holds a JD from Georgetown Law.