'In The Courts:' New FOX 5 DC show to debut on May 1

"In the Courts" is a weekly show about the law and how it works – or doesn’t. Katie Barlow interprets and explains America’s most confusing, sometimes confounding, institution and helps translate what’s happening in the courts for non-lawyers and court-watchers alike.

In the Courts: 'The Debrief' SCOTUS interest soars

The Supreme Court has been a hot topic lately with major cases on abortion, gun rights, masks, and the confirmation of the first Black woman justice. On "In the Courts," we will continue to break down the impact of the court's decisions on your daily lives.

In the Courts: The Debrief

Katie Barlow’s first episode of In The Courts is in the books! Send us your questions and what you want to know. Join Katie every Sunday at 11:30 p.m. recapping what happened in the courts and also hoping for cameras in every courtroom!

In the Courts: The Courts and Sports Analysis

Katie Barlow spoke with the team who represents the school district in the football coach prayer case. Bradley Girard, attorney for Americans United for Separation of Church and State, joined us with analysis.

In the Courts: The Courts and Sports

Sports are in the courts a lot these days, from lawsuits trying to block athletes who are transgender from participating to student athletes being forced to cut their hair. This week was no exception as school prayer -- well, in this case it was prayer after a high school football game -- made its way to the Supreme Court.