In The Courts: The Debrief

In this week's debrief, FOX 5's Katie Barlow discusses the Supreme Court's decision to overturn its ruling in Chevron U.S.A., Inc. v. Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc., a landmark decision that set forth the legal test for when U.S. federal courts must defer to a government agency's interpretation of a law or statute.

SCOTUS upholds limits on domestic abusers' gun rights

In an 8-1 decision, the Supreme Court ruled to uphold limits on the gun rights of domestic abusers. Terry H., a survivor of intimate partner violence, joins our Katie Barlow on In The Courts to discuss the importance of this ruling.

Supreme Court issues rulings on abortion cases

On Thursday, the Supreme Court cleared the way for emergency abortions in Idaho despite a near-total ban in the state. FOX 5's Katie Barlow speaks with Dr. Jamila Perritt, the CEO of Physicians for Reproductive Health, about the ruling and how it impacts women nationwide.

Supreme Court issues ruling on obstruction charges, clearing many Jan. 6 rioters

The Supreme Court issued its ruling in a case that impacted the prosecutions of hundreds of Jan. 6 participants, as well as former President Donald Trump’s Jan. 6 criminal case. The court sided with the plaintiff in the case, saying that the law applies to the destruction of records or documents when it comes to obstructing an official proceeding, which is what prosecutors have argued many of those who participated in the Jan. 6 riots did.

Supreme Court allows emergency abortions in Idaho

Dr. Jamila Perritt, the CEO of Physicians for Reproductive Health talks court rulings on abortion, keeping the abortion pill on the market, and the ruling in Idaho that allows doctors to perform abortions in emergency situations.

Meet Prince George's County's 'Jury Lady'

Magella Kincaid is the Jury Office Chief for the Prince George's County court. She's worked at the courthouse for over 35 years. She has the job of greeting and orienting jurors at the courthouse. She speaks with FOX 5's Katie Barlow about the importance of her job and how she tries to make jury duty a joy.

Veteran paralyzed during surgery at Walter Reed working to overturn ruling on military medical lawsuits

Ryan Clark is an Air Force reservist who was paralyzed during back surgery at Walter Reed hospital in 2018. He can’t sue his doctor because of a Supreme Court ruling in 1950 that bars servicemembers from collecting civil damages for injuries they get on the job- meaning he can’t sue for medical malpractice. He and his wife Casey speak with FOX 5's Katie Barlow about their efforts to get that ruling overturned.

The economic impact of TikTok

TikTok is not just for dances and social trends. Some influencers make their entire living there, and they're fighting against the law that would ban the platform in the U.S. if its Chinese-owned parent company doesn't sell its shares of the app. Eric Dahan, founder of the company Mighty Joy talks about the economic impact of the platform and how a ban could affect businesses.

TikTok and creators suing U.S. government over potential ban

TikTok and several content creators are suing the U.S. government after President Joe Biden signed a law in April that would ban the app in the U.S. unless it's Chinese-owned parent company ByteDance sells the platform. The lawsuit argues that a new law forcing the sale or ban of the app TikTok violates their First Amendment rights. Steve McKeon, CEO of MacguyverTech and MacNerd joins In The Courts to discuss the importance of data safety and security when it comes to the app.