Supreme Court Shadow Docket

On Supreme Court "Shadow Dockets," Katie interviews Steve Vladeck who is a Professor of Law at UT Austin and the author of “The Shadow Docket." We explore what it is and how it has changed since the Trump administration used it to push through cases.

TJHS lawsuit plaintiffs face court setback

Asra Nomani is the parent of a recent graduate from Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, which is ranked the best high school in the country by U.S. News. She's part of Coalition For TJ – the group challenging the admissions policy claiming it discriminates against Asian applicants.

Interview with Mark Pennak

Mark Pennak from "Maryland Shall Issue" talks to Katie about the lawsuit he filed against Maryland’s new gun laws that Governor Wes Moore signed into law last week

A recap of the top legal stories from the week

On FOX 5's In the Courts with Katie Barlow, we take a look at some of the top legal stories from last week including a US Attorney in Boston resigning; a MPD officer arrested accused of trying to cover up the BLM sign destruction back in 2020 and leaking info to Proud Boys leader; Whistleblower working on Hunter Biden case removed; a Trump attorney in documents case resigns; Federal appeals court hears abortion pill case; SCOTUS saying Andy Warhol overstepped on fair use with his photos of Prince, asking WTF is fair use; SCOTUS rules internet companies not liable for terrorist content - and we wrap by interviewing Aaron Mackey – from the Electronic Frontier Foundation – about the SCOTUS cases

Talking with Edmund Fitton Brown

Edmund Fitton-Brown, Senior Visiting Fellow at The Soufan Center talks to Katie about ISIS recruitment on U.S. Soil, ISIS propaganda and how it spreads; law enforcement building a case on alleged terrorists - and social media's impact on terrorism.

ProPublica report on lethal injection

Lethal injection as a method for execution has long been the subject of debate in this country. ProPublica has been looking into this and reporter Daniel Moritz-Rabson joins In The Courts to share some of the problems they've found.

Tax filings for those accepting "gifts"

In the wake of the Justice Clarence Thomas allegations, a new question about how others report "gifts" has come up. Tax and legal expert Victoria Haneman joins In The Courts to break it down.

SCOTUS ethics investigation

Gabe Roth, Executive Director of Fix the Court, joins FOX 5 to talk about court reform in the wake of the Thomas scandal.

Chipotle sues Sweetgreen

It was a battle of the chain restaurants in court as Chipotle sued Sweetgreen over the name of one of their menu items.