The Legal Loser: Tesla

Katie Barlow explains why Tesla has earned the title of The Legal Loser this week on In The Courts.

In The Courts: Combatting human trafficking

Katie Barlow speaks with Tanya Gould, a human trafficking survivor and the Director of Virginia’s Human Trafficking Office, as Virginia's attorney general says the issue is one of his top priorities.

In The Courts' Golden Gavel: Nirvana

A judge has dismissed a lawsuit over the naked baby on the cover of Nirvana's 1991 album "Nevermind" after the baby in the photograph, now a 31-year-old man, sued despite knowing about the album cover for decades.

In The Courts: The importance of salary transparency

Several states are passing laws to force employers to share salary information during the hiring process. One of those states is Maryland, and with recent historic rises in inflation, salary transparency could prove to be a more important factor than ever. Chris Marr from Bloomberg Law joins In The Courts to break it all down.