Rain, rain go away! DC residents, tourists hoping for return of sunny days

It has been two weeks straight and the rain just keeps coming. The D.C. region is now on track to shatter an 81-year-old record for consecutive days with at least a trace of rain.

That record was set back in 1935 with rain coming down 17 days in a row from March 31 to April 16. We could tie the record on Friday and have a new record on Saturday. The region has already set the record for consecutive days with measurable rain.

If the weather is bringing you down, you are in good company. FOX 5 spoke to people out enjoying the midday break from the rain on Tuesday.

"I would say I have been lying on the couch more and being outside much less," said Nathan Cummins.

"It's a big bummer," said Alice Tripp. "Especially in May when you are hoping the showers are over."

The National Mall was packed with tourists and locals alike - everyone appreciating the temporary blue skies and dry pavement.

One family visiting from the other Washington, the one known for its dreary skies, said they never guessed Seattle would outshine Washington D.C.

"It's been like California summer in Seattle," said Lora Parks. "Like 75, 85 [degrees], hardly any rain. It's really weird."

Even as people dread the grey skies ahead, some were still happy to share their favorite rain-inspired tune. You will have to check out the video above for that!