Hot, humid Monday with isolated storms possible in the evening

Monday is another hot and humid day with hit-or-miss thunderstorms possible.

One or two storms may materialize in the D.C. to Baltimore stretch. Expect highs in the lower to mid-90s.

Storms will disintegrate with the setting sun as lows fall back into the mid-70s. While strong or severe storms aren't expected, any downpour could produce brief heavy rainfall and dangerous lightning.

Tuesday and Wednesday look like repeats, with only very isolated showers on Thursday. Thursday may actually be the first day since Sunday that won't make it into the 90s in D.C., though it's possible with a high around 89 degrees. 

Friday, Saturday and Sunday could be in the mid-80s. Humidity will plummet and nights could fall back into the 60s for the first time since July 11.