Epic snowball fight on the National Mall among activities during spring snowstorm

What else can you do in springtime snow other than grin and bear it?

The thick blanket of powder got people off their couches and away from their phones for some rare moments of childlike fun once again.

Wednesday's snowfall was particularly great for playing in because it had such a high moisture content. The day started out light enough - like floating on a cloud sledding in this winter "funderland." Families took to the slopes all around the DMV, including Capitol Hill.

Come afternoon - D.C.'s political battleground became a winter war zone.

"Right here is just about volume. So just getting as many as you can, and just chucking them over," explained one snowball fight participant.

"I think we got them on the run," said another as he got pelted in the face.

In fact, the snow was so sticky that snowballs turned into snow boulders!

"I got hit right in the eye!" said one man who had already lost a glove in the fight.

About 200 people split up on the National Mall, picking either the Capitol Hill side or the Washington Monument side.

Despite dwindling numbers on the Capitol Hill side, players fought hard.

"We have spirit. That's what matters," added one thrower.

People used special tools to make snowballs, had cardboard shields and even hid behind snow forts for protection.

It was of little help given the ammo being lobbed. The day certainly was a stress reliever for many.

"Just hurling objects at strangers, it's been fun so far," laughed one participant.

The snow may not be melting away, but the worries seemed to be.

"Everyone is just having a good time. It's like being a child again," said one woman who drove hours to join in on the fun.

"I came out here to see the cherry blossoms. Instead I'm playing in the snow!" added a seven-year-old tourist.

"We basically haven't had snow this winter, so this is overdue," said another player, who was promptly hit with a snowball.

By the evening, the landscape was left for just the most dedicated snow lovers.

FOX 5 caught up with two of them building a fort.

"It's nice out here, like 35 degrees," one girl explained. "We're used to much colder. We're from way up north," added her friend.