August movie preview: A ‘Bullet Train’ and double the Idris Elba

As the summer blockbuster rush fades but before the fall awards season starts, you can expect oddball horror like A24’s “Bodies Bodies Bodies” and Peacock’s “They/Them,” family friendly flicks like “13: The Musical” and survival thrillers galore. Oh, and Idris Elba fights a lion in “Beast.”

10 of the best streaming shows of the year (so far)

Our critics pick the best streaming show of the year so far, plus nine more that surprised, challenged, delighted and/or riveted them to their screens, from "Stranger Things" to "Station Eleven" with plenty in between.

Here's everything Marvel announced at Comic-Con

Marvel Studios dominated the 2022 San Diego Comic-Con with a deluge of big announcements, including details about "Black Panther," "Daredevil" and two new "Avengers" movies. Here's all the news, assembled.

‘Nope’ review: Close encounters of the spurred kind

“Nope” is “Get Out'' writer-director Jordan Peele’s third and most self-consciously mainstream film. That doesn’t mean that Peele has sacrificed daring for accessibility, however. Although it’s not as cryptic as his sophomore feature, 2019’s “Us,” this is a multi-layered movie that — for better or for worse — follows its obsessions wherever they may lead.

Movie review: ‘My Old School’ is a wild, weirdly charming documentary

This upbeat documentary centers on an unbelievable real-life hoax that took place in Scotland in the mid 1990s, it also captures a feeling that’s far more relatable: The fun of gathering all your old friends together to discuss the wildest thing that happened during your time at school. Only in this case, the wildest thing to happen at Bearsden Academy was enough to garner national attention — and the interest of one burgeoning movie star.

‘Fire of Love’ review: An explosively great documentary is one of the year's best films

Pick just one of the major elements of this remarkable film — the mind-boggling footage from French volcanologists Katia and Maurice Krafft, Miranda July’s appealingly curious narration, direction that’s equal parts playful and mournful, masterful editing, a real humdinger of a love triangle — and that one element would be enough to make “Fire of Love” well worth approximately 100 or so minutes of your time. (93 minutes to watch, plus at least 10 to recover.) But director Sara Dosa allows all those fascinating pieces to roil together before, yes, erupting into a singular experience.

Movie review: ‘Marcel the Shell with Shoes On’ is pure magic

Tone is one of the hardest things to nail in a film and one of the trickiest things to describe in a review, but it’s where “Marcel the Shell with Shoes On” shines brightest. This kid-friendly A24 movie is somehow whimsical, bittersweet, life-affirming and a little bit heartbreaking all at once. And that makes it the perfect movie for the moment, when the world is looking for art that not just uplifts its audience with joy but also understands the pain of loss too.