Man who had cop called on him during pickup basketball game speaks to FOX 5 about what happened

For the first time, a Virginia man who had the cops called on him during a pickup basketball game is talking about what happened. It's a story that has gone viral since Monday night.

Brandon Brazelton said he has played basketball most of his life, including at the collegiate level, but he has never experienced anything like this. He was playing at LA Fitness in Sterling Monday evening when the man guarding him, someone he has played with many times, had a receptionist call the sheriff's office to report an assault.

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"I literally just put my arm like this across his chest," he said demonstrating with his forearm. "And I opened up, and he just fell back, and he went down."

He said it was nothing more than a standard offensive move, but the guy who fell was furious.

"I think it was just a heated part of the game," said Brazelton. "It was a close game at that point."

He said everyone thought the man was joking when he threatened to call the cops and kept playing without him. Then a Loudoun County Sheriff's deputy arrived. Body camera footage obtained by FOX 5 shows the deputy asking the man who called if he wants to press charges.

"No, because I don't want retaliation. That's the only problem," he replied.

The deputy goes on to ask, "So what do you want me to do?"

The man suggests Brazelton should be kicked out of the gym for the rest of the day, but a gym employee said either both men should leave or both should stay and move on from what happened.

The deputy told them, "Sounds to me like some normal basketball s---."

In the end, both men returned to the court.

"I don't remember him being anywhere near me that entire game when he was back on the court," Brazelton said.

He said he doesn't hold a grudge after what happened, and truly believes the man just got caught up in the game and perhaps was having a bad day.

"He got a little bit more upset because it basically meant that we were about to win the game," said Brazelton. "I honestly don't think it was anything more than that. He's a good guy."

FOX 5 reached out to the man who called authorities, but he has not responded.