LaVar Ball says 'I'd knock him out' when asked what he would do if a coach put hands on his sons

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LaVar Ball said he would "knock him out" when asked how he would react if a coach put their hands on one of his sons the way Edward Denard did to a player during a recent Junior Basketball Association game.

Ball, the CEO of the JBA, spoke about last week's controversial incident involving Denard, coach of the Chicago Ballers, and player Montrell Dixson, when he visited FOX 5 DC Tuesday. (WATCH FULL VIDEO INTERVIEW IN PLAYER ABOVE)

Video of the game shows Denard in Dixson's face, shoving and head-butting him while on the sidelines near the end of the game against Seattle.

"This is inappropriate. Most definitely. Like I said, I'm not condoning this at all," Ball told FOX 5's Wisdom Martin. He said the coach and the situation would be dealt internally. He also said he does not believe this incident is characteristic of Denard's behavior.

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While he said he didn't condone the behavior he did compare the situation to one a teen might experience when beginning military service and called the incident a part of the game. "You don't think they're cussing at that guy, at 18-years-old, sending him over there to war? They're doing the same dame thing," Ball said. He also called Denard an "intense, young coach."

Ball didn't mince words when asked what he would do if a coach dealt with one of his son's the same way Denard dealt with Dixson. "I'd knock him out. How's that?" he told Martin. "Violence shall be met with violence. Leave me alone. Leave my boys alone," he said. "I've grabbed my boys at times - I didn't grab nobody else's kids."

Ball's sons LiAngelo and LaMelo play for the Los Angeles Ballers. His son Lonzo plays with the Los Angeles Lakers. He says he hopes all three of his sons play for the Lakers one day.

The JBA CEO also says he has no beef with LeBron James after claiming he could beat the star one-on-one.