Joe Theismann says he asked Redskins' Dwayne Haskins to consider a jersey number other than No. 7

Washington Redskins legend Joe Theismann has given his seal of approval for the burgundy and gold's new quarterback, Dwayne Haskins, to wear his old jersey number. But in an interview with FOX 5, Theismann did say he offered the team's new pass-thrower some advice before deciding to select a number that carries so much history within the organization.

Theismann, who wore number seven on his jersey during his playing days in D.C., said he reached out to Haskins after hearing the new draft pick wanted to speak with him about wearing the number.

"I said you might want to consider sort of creating your own number instead of just taking one that has been a part of the organization for 33 years -- no one else has worn it -- and I said, think about it for a few days," Theismann told FOX 5 about his conversation with the new draft pick.

Haskins did think about it. But in a few days, he called Theismann back and told the Super Bowl champion that he would like to wear number seven.

"I said it's perfectly fine by me," Theismann said of Haskins' decision. "He's going to have so many adjustments to deal with to become a professional football player, the last thing anybody needs to worry about is to keep hounding him about a number. It will be interesting to see a much bigger version of me out on the football field!"

"It's been 33 years since anybody's worn the number," Theismann said, "and it hasn't been retired so it was still available. The organization has been wonderful not giving it to anybody just randomly and I think Dwayne went about this the right way and that's the reason why I feel good about it. He expressed an interest, we had a great conversation, he thought about it, talked to his family. the decision has been made and now we move on."

Theismann said he will attend Redskins' camps and will get the chance to see him play. He said he and Haskins are from similar places in the state of New Jersey and looks forward to helping him with his transition.

Theismann said he doesn't expect the Redskins' front office to step in and nix the decision.

Theismann played for the Redskins from 1974 to 1985 and led the team to victory at Super Bowl XVII. His career ended when he was sacked by Lawrence Taylor on a Monday night game in 1985.