Bryce Harper chatter dominates Nationals off-season news

It may be December, but they're staying awfully busy over at Nationals Park.

The team held an introductory press conference for new All-Star left-handed pitcher Patrick Corbin Friday, but he's not the player who ended up in most of the headlines. Instead, much of the talk surrounded free agent outfielder Bryce Harper after team ownership intimated the slugger may be as good as gone.

In an interview with 106.7 The Fan, Mark Lerner said the 10-year, $300 million offer the team made to Harper is "the best we can do." Lerner added, "I don't really expect him to come back at this point. I think they've decided to move on."

General Manager Mike Rizzo approached the topic a little differently.

"We're never going to close the door on signing an All-Star caliber player," Rizzo said. "Harp's been near and dear to this organization throughout his career, and he's a guy that I have a personal affinity for and a guy that fits beautifully into this city and the clubhouse. So we're never going to close the door on anything and anything's possible."

Rizzo also said that despite the team's flurry of early-offseason signings, "I don't consider us done at all."