The Good Word: Gospel singer Lamont Addo

Gospel singer Lamont Addo joins us on The Good Word podcast! Addo was born and raised in Washington, D.C. 

Jister  is a social media platform that gives its users two profiles. With  a dual profile, users have the ability to post either publicly or anonymously. The primary objective of Jister is to engage users in a fun and innovative way while offering an outlet to  express yourself  without fear or judgment.  
 The inspiration for creating Jister came from the need of finding a safe space to vent. As an adopted child of former drug addicted parents and a family history of bipolar and mental health, Addo says it has been difficult to find appropriate outlets. 
 He says, "We realized social media has played a major role in the declining of mental health. People are constantly comparing themselves with others and the level of  perfection that is portrayed is unattainable." 


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