The Good Word: Actor Dion Rome

Actor Dion Rome joins us on THE GOOD WORD PODCAST!  

Dion Rome stars on the show All The Queens Men, that centers around life as a male exotic dancer and all that comes with that world.  

Dion, himself, could personally relate to the characters being portrayed because he himself used to work in adult entertainment before giving his life to Christ.  

Now, he and his wife, who also worked in adult entertainment previously, have turned their lives around and want to show people how you can still be cool and live for Christ.  

They're both very young, and his career is taking off, however, he still applies his morals and values.   

He's truly committed to his new lifestyle, and even on the show, he's strict about his faith and opted out of doing any scenes featuring nudity or sex.

He had a rough pass, but his faith led him to LA to pursue a career in entertainment, and with faith, hard work and consistency, he did what he set out to do.  

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