Mansion Murders case: Closing arguments underway

Closing arguments in the Mansion Murders trial brought tears to the eyes of some jurors on Monday.

The emotions spilled over as prosecutor Laura Bach showed graphic photos of four victims, and detailed the gruesome injuries to their bodies.

Bach spent the better part of six weeks putting witness after witness on the stand in order to prove her case against the suspect, Daron Wint.

The jury has seen photos, video and phone records - and they have even heard from the defendant himself. Now, the prosecution is pulling it all together to weave the most important pieces of evidence into a clear theory in the case.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, when you go back in that room, do not try to figure out why Daron Wint ordered two pizzas that night. Maybe he is trying to put the four people he has hostage at ease or maybe he is just hungry, but if you try to figure it out, we will be here for three years, three months and three days," said Bach.

"Daron Wint admitted eating pizza, he admitted wearing a vest and putting a hard hat on. All places where his DNA was found -- but here is the kicker. How does he explain the hair on the bed? The bed where the bloody bat is found in the room with the three bodies? You can't," she continued.

Bach stressed that the relevant evidence pointed to Wint.

"We could spend the rest of our lives trying to determine if somebody helped Mr. Wint. You don't have to figure out if he acted alone. It's okay he is actually participating in this crime. He is guilty because he participated," she said.

But when defense attorney Judith Pipe got her one opportunity to convince the jurors of their theory, she turned it upside down - once again blaming everything on Wint's brothers, saying the evidence fits her client's story.

"Daron Wint is not the monster prosecutors want you to think he is. Daron Wint didn't kill anyone. His brothers Darrell and Steffon did. Daron Wint was duped by his brothers and left to take the fall. The prosecution's theory is wrong," Pipe said.

"When Daron Wint took the stand, he was calm and respectful. He answered all questions with a yes or no ma'am. You saw true emotions from him, but not from his brothers. He is not the monster who did this and that is a reason to doubt," she added.

Closing arguments are slated to continue on Tuesday morning.