I Still Have a Keycard Podcast: Episode #16 - Jim Lokay

Pittsburgh -> Boston -> DC. Jim Lokay's path brought him to the nation's capital about a year ago, but it didn't take him long to be part of our family. After you listen to this episode of 'I Still Have a Keycard,' you'll understand why.

As Jim has told our FOX 5 viewers on air before, his dad suffered a major stroke four years ago-- and his family was forever changed. He's shared his story publicly in hopes of helping someone else-- and on the podcast, he tells host Sarah Fraser what it was like from the moment he learned what had happened to his dad. He also recalls the words he said to his father when he wasn't sure what would come next (trust us, you're gonna need the tissues for this).

Oh, and he also dishes about his love for (read: obsession with appearing on) 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' AND why his cougars (the women, not the animals) are his biggest fans.

Give it a listen below (app users: click here!).


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