Yacht from Caddyshack movie for sale in Maryland

The boat that Rodney Dangerfield used in the movie Caddyshack is for sale in Maryland.

The 1979 Striker boat, which was used in a memorable scene in the movie, is sitting at a Pasadena, MD dock awaiting a new owner.

The production crew for the movie rented the boat for $5,000 a week while filming in Florida. They even hired the boat builder's son Dick Philips to play Rodney Dangerfield's double in the movie.

Dick Phillips says he had to dress as Rodney's character did, white slacks and sailor's hat included.

Since being part of the 1980 movie, the boat has had a storied past, including being a fishing boat in the Dominican Republic.

For more information on the boat go to: http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1979/Striker--2942124/Annapolis/MD/United-States