Wrapping presents isn't as hard as you think

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Think finding the perfect gift is the hardest part of holiday shopping? For some, it's the wrapping that's the most daunting part of holiday gift giving. If you fall into that category, fear not -- here's a step by step guide to get you through this Christmas origami.

Other than nerves of steel, you'll need scissors, tape, wrapping paper, a bow, and a gift box if your present isn't already in one. You should also make sure you have some elbow room, and clear a large flat surface to get your wrap on.

Next, measure out how much wrapping paper you'll need. Unroll the paper, and place the box on the edge. Loosely roll the paper over the box so you'll know how much you need. Then use scissors to cut the excess paper as neatly as you can. Proceed to do this in the other direction with the wrapping paper, and cut again.

Now place the box in the center of the neatly trimmed paper, and fold it halfway up one side and hold it in place with tape. Take the opposite side, and fold it over tight so that it overlaps your first half. Then secure with another piece of tape.

Next, it's time for the sides. Fold the top half of the paper, and crease the sides to create two wings. Fold those inward, and then bring the remaining triangle at the bottom up towards the center. Secure with tape, and repeat with the other side.

Add a bow to finish it off, and you're done! Now you can give it to someone you care about. Just try not to cry as they tear your hard work to shreds.

Watch the video to see a step-by-step guide for wrapping presents