Woman stabbed while walking near Key Bridge

Authorities are investigating after a woman was stabbed while walking near the Key Bridge in Arlington Monday night.

The stabbing was reported around 9 a.m. Police say the woman was walking when a man approached her from behind and stabbed her. The man then fled the area.

The victim is expected to be okay.

"It’s kind of shocking honestly," said Griffin Ursin, a nearby resident. "People come here and walk, ride their bikes down on the Mount Vernon trail here, so yeah, completely shocking that this happened."

FOX 5 spoke to other Arlington residents who are becoming more worried about crime in the Arlington area. 

"The random street crime you hear about on the news in D.C. and so forth, I haven’t really heard of that in Arlington before, and seeing it three blocks from where I live, it makes me nervous to go out, particularly after dark," said Todd Ludeke. 

Police say the suspect is believed to be a man in his 20s, around six feet tall, and was wearing all black.

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