Woman charged with shooting husband inside DC hotel was 'angry,' lawyer says

An attorney representing the woman accused of shooting her husband at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in D.C. last week says his client was "angry and felt guilty and didn't want another child to be touched by that man."

Tony Garcia is representing Shanteari Weems, the woman who D.C. police say got in her car, drove to the city, and shot her 57-year-old husband James Weems Jr. twice inside a room at the hotel. 

Garcia tells FOX 5 that Weems was not trying to kill her husband. He says she wanted answers after she received calls from parents accusing her husband of molesting their children.

Shanteari runs a daycare in Owings Mills, Maryland. We're told Child Protective Services shut the center down several days before the shooting on Thursday night.

"She went there to hear his side of the story and when it got out of hand, and he attacked her, she defended herself," Garcia said.

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According to the police report, officers found two guns in the hotel room: One in Weems' bag and the other in an unlocked safe.

Garcia believes the gun in the safe belonged to Weems Jr., who is a retired Baltimore City police officer.

"It had to be in her mind that this was a retired marine, a retired police officer, an executive security officer, someone who is armed," Garcia explained. "A person like that when you are in an argument or questions cause a violent response. She thought her life was in danger."

Baltimore County police tell us James Weems Jr. is currently at a D.C. hospital in police custody. He will officially be charged when he arrives in the county. Weems Jr. is accused of molesting at least three children at the daycare.

We are told he was in charge of transportation at the center his wife owns that has about 90 kids enrolled.

"I think in this situation her back is against the wall, emotionally, spiritually and any support she can get is greatly appreciated," Garcia said. 

Shanteari Weems will be in court this Friday at 10 o'clock where she will ask a judge for bond.

We did look into whether James Weems Jr. has representation and FOX 5 was not able to confirm that information.