Witness claims DC fire truck involved in deadly crash went through red light

A deadly crash involving a D.C. fire truck and another vehicle remains under investigation as new questions are being raised about the incident.

Officials said last week that the fire truck had the right of way at the intersection of Rhode Island Avenue and 12th Street in Northeast D.C., but an eyewitness claims the fire truck went through a red light as it was responding to a call.

The witness did not want his identify himself in fear that he could lose his job. He has not spoken with police, but told FOX 5 what he saw after witnessing the horrific crash through his rearview mirror.

He questions why 31-year-old Deangelo Green lost his life after his gold Honda Accord was crushed by the impact with the fire truck that took place at around 12:15 p.m. Friday.

D.C. Fire and EMS Chief Gregory Dean said after the crash that the fire truck had a green light as it crossed 12th Street while traveling westbound on Rhode Island Avenue. The fire truck was responding to a call for a report of smoke.

"I do know the light was green in their favor when they went through the intersection," D.C. Fire and EMS Chief Gregory Dean said Friday. "The investigation team will do the follow up and answer all those questions."

However, the witness said he and a co-worker were sitting at the same intersection as Green. They were waiting to turn left from 12th Street onto Rhode Island Avenue. As he made the turn, he heard sirens.

"The light had just turned green for the people that were on 12th Street," the witness recalled. "As soon as I made that left turn, I immediately pulled to the right shoulder of the street. As I pulled to the right shoulder of the street, I witnessed the fire truck coming down speeding across 12th Street, and that Honda, I want to say it was on the right side of me as I was making a left turn, I think he was going straight across on 12th [Street]. And that is when I witnessed everything out of my rearview mirror."

FOX 5 has also learned the fire engine involved in Friday's deadly crash is the same engine that hit a police cruiser in 2015. An accident report revealed the truck had defective brakes.

Meanwhile, Green leaves behind six children. His wife works as a traffic controller for the District and was called to help direct traffic moments after the crash. When she arrived, she realized the mangled car was hers.

"My husband's life was lost and I want answers," Green's wife said.

A pregnant woman standing on sidewalk was also injured as she was struck by another car involved in the crash, but she is expected to survive.

D.C. Fire and EMS said the information they released on Friday is from the initial accident report. FOX 5 has been told that there is video of what happened at the intersection, but it still needs to be reviewed by investigators.

A vigil for Green is planned for Friday.

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