Wisconsin holds 'A day without Latinos' rally to protest immigration bills

Published February 18, 2016

A group of Hispanics in Wisconsin are holding "A day without Latinos" rally in the state's capital on Thursday to protest two state bills that they claim are "anti-immigrant."

Groups in the state are urging Latinos to not show up to work and several restaurants have said they would close for the day. Organizers said they want businesses to know what it feels like to have a day without Latinos.

A caravan of buses, vans and cars will converge on the steps of the Madison state capital for the rally to protest the bills. Assembly Bill 450, known as the "sanctuary cities" bill, allows police to investigate people's immigration status, detain and possibly deport the undocumented.

Senate Bill 533 would block counties statewide from issuing identification cards to people who cannot access state IDs. The ID law has been passed by both legislative chambers but is awaiting the signature of Gov. Scott Walker to become law. The sanctuary cities bill was approved by the state House and now will be considered by the state Senate.

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