Winter weather warmly welcomed by ski resorts around DMV

The anticipated weather is a welcome event for ski resorts near our region. Some places could see inches of fresh powder this weekend after what was a very warm December. 

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There are plenty of options within driving distance of the DMV, and Liberty Mountain Ski Resort is expecting a busy weekend.

"Something magical really about being out on a ski hill with natural snow falling around you, seeing it accumulate, driving around, it feels special," said Andrew DeBrunner, Communications Manager for Vail Resorts. 

2022 started off as a winter wonderland and the potential for snow in the forecast has skiers flocking to resorts just a few hours away from the heart of DC. 

"Anybody who comes out this weekend is really going to find something they enjoy," said DeBrunner. 

As fresh powder and cold air arrive, many skiers are taking to the trails. 

"We’ve been locked up in the house because of COVID and wanted to get out and do something outside and have fun," said one skier. 

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Another added, "Definitely worth the trip, especially from Miami. We don’t get to see snow a lot so definitely worth it."

"It’s great to finally have snow and some winter weather and get outside," said one man from Maryland. 

FOX 5 meteorologists say last year the DC area saw 5.4 inches of snowfall for the season and the year before that, only 0.6 inches. 
Already this winter we’ve seen 9.5".

Kids on the slopes taking advantage of it all.

"We only have one snow day left, and then it's online," said one child. 

So how does the snowy forecast hold up for the experts? 

"I mean it’s hard not to give it a 10, and we’ll see what Mother Nature has in store for us. If we get some natural snow, some cold temperatures," said DeBrunner. "We’ve put down between two and three feet [of snow], so that’s usually running overnight sometimes during the day too."

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What about the ideal temperature for snow-making? 

"The colder and the drier the better," DeBrunner said. "We can typically start making snow comfortably around 27 degrees and humidity around 80 percent but then the lower number on either of those the better off we’re going to be."

If you’re wondering about COVID safety protocols, Liberty Mountain does require proof of vaccination for indoor dining. Other than that, everything is back to normal leading to a popular holiday weekend making it worth the trip for many. 

"We’re expecting to be really popular this weekend in fact we are limiting day of ticket sales," DeBrunner said. "So get your ticket ahead of time, get your rentals ahead of time, get your lessons ahead of time because that’s really the only way to ensure availability." 


While the weather might make it an ideal ski weekend – remember to check resort websites for updates on conditions. Also, keep in mind your drive. Roads may be affected by the potential winter weather.