Wingstop giving away free chicken sandwiches; here’s how to get one

Wingstop’s new chicken sandwich is displayed with a drink, dipping sauce and fries. (Wingstop)

Wingstop wants to help you leave your relationship...with your current go-to chicken sandwich. 

The popular wing restaurant announced the addition of its new chicken sandwich to the Wingstop menu on Tuesday. The sandwich will have 12 different flavor offerings which include Lemon Pepper punch, OG Hot kick, Mango Habanero heat, Hickory Smoked BBQ and many more. 

Wingstop will offer 100,000 of their new chicken sandwiches for free to fans "who split from their current chicken sandwich and commit to finding a new favorite," according to a company news release.  

To get a free sandwich, visit and click the giant "Breakup" button in the center of the screen. You will then be prompted to type in your name, ZIP code and phone number.  

A code will be sent via text to the number provided and a prewritten breakup letter will appear. There will be a drop-down menu option in the spot where you will insert your current favorite chicken sandwich.  

Wingstop will send a redemption code that will allow one free chicken sandwich at any of its restaurants. The offer is first come first serve and "breakups" will only be accepted until Sept. 5, according to the website.  

"The nationwide launch of the Wingstop Chicken Sandwich is an opportunity to bring new guests to the brand by proving our position as The Flavor Experts, and reward our existing fanbase by putting menu innovation on center stage," said Stacy Peterson, Wingstop's Chief Revenue and Technology Officer. "The Wingstop Chicken Sandwich doesn't just come in one flavor – fans can choose from our 12 bold, signature flavors. We're so confident in the product that we're incentivizing fans to split from their current chicken contender and find a new favorite chicken sandwich at Wingstop." 

The sandwich alone with dipping sauce will cost $5.49 and a combo order which includes the sandwich and dip alongside hand-cut fries and a drink will cost $7.99. 

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Wingstop’s newest sandwich will join the list of other huge fast-food franchises that made similar announcements in 2021 to compete with the wildly popular Popeyes’ chicken sandwich which debuted in 2019. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.