What grade would you give for the snow removal response during the winter storm?

As we recover from the biggest snow and ice storm this winter, what grade would you give your local jurisdiction's response to the winter blast?

For the most part, many cities and counties around the D.C. area scored very well by the people we spoke with or polled on social media.

In Arlington, the reviews were glowing.

"Today, my commute was easy," said Catherine Timco. "I was behind like five salt trucks this morning so I give it an A."

"Ninety-five percent," Peter Ameezake said. "They did a great job in cleaning the pavement, parking lots and the roads."

"I give them an A," said Rosemary Walter. "They did great. Out here early this morning. I was out the door by 5:50 [a.m.] and the roads were ready to go."

David Levy was out and about in Arlington, but lives in the District.

"A+ compared to the District where I live," the D.C. resident said.

He said Virginia was better prepared for Monday night's winter storm.

"I think they pre-prepped really well and I think that they had a lot of plows out," Levy said. "I could hear them all day long."

Levy's grade for D.C.? C-

"They seemed to be a little bit better prepared than last year in a lot of respects, but the snow also melted a little bit more than normal," he said.

We asked FOX 5 viewers on our FOX 5 DC Facebook page what their grade would be for the snow removal in their city or county.

Here is a grade breakdown from our unscientific Facebook poll as of Tuesday night:

A - 36%
B - 39%
C - 7%
D - 3%
E - 3%
F - 12%