WeFitDC founder uses time in prison to turn life around, help others get healthy

D.C. native and WeFitDC founder, Joe Houston, is using his second chance at life to help others get healthy.

As a child growing up in the District, Houston struggled from an early age. After his mother died when he was just 13-years-old, a series of bad decisions landed him in prison.

Houston was behind bars for five years, beginning at age 16. While incarcerated, he found a mentor, and began to focus on his physical and meal well-being through education and fitness training.

After his release, his mentor again pushed him in the direction of a career helping others to live healthy.

"High cholesterol, diabetes – we see the problems but we do nothing about it because of one, systemic racism, and two, lack of knowledge," he said.

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So he went to work and founded WeFitDC, a platform that offers free workout programs for youth and the elderly in the District.

It’s important for me to come back to these communities that I was once looked at as a monster – now I’m looked at as a superhero to heal my community through wellness," Houston said.

Houston said WeFitDC broke ground for a permanent location in Congress Heights earlier this year.