Watch: Rare funnel cloud hovers over Montana mountains

Video captures views of a funnel cloud forming over Mission Valley in western Montana early Tuesday evening.

Recorded by Isley Reust, the footage shows a dark gray cloud hanging over the black, snow-laced mountains in the distance. From that cloud, a funnel extends below, appearing to kick up snow into the air.


Funnel cloud in Montana. (@isleyreust / Instagram / FOX Weather)

Tornadoes rarely form over mountains, as conditions would not be optimal, according to the National Weather Service. They noted, however, that tornadoes have crossed the Appalachian Mountains and a 10,000-foot-tall mountain in Yellowstone National Park.


About 300 miles northwest of Yellowstone, the town of St. Ignatius was able to see such a unique sight forming over their own mountains.

"I’m happy I got to witness it," Reust said in a tweet.

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