Watch: Magical 'snow' delights Disneyland guests amid winter storm

That wasn't drifting cotton candy and spilt Dippin' Dots you saw by Space Mountain on Wednesday.

It was a snow-like graupel falling at Disneyland in Anaheim after a winter storm brought even heavier snow that kept most of California's mountain residents snowbound.

Moira Camacho captured the frozen precipitation falling near the Galaxy’s Edge attraction on video that she says briefly appeared to be snow, adding it was the first time she experienced snow in California.

"We saw little flakes and thought it was rain," she recalled. "Eventually, we realized it was more ice and snow!"

The rare event lasted for about 10 minutes, according to Camacho.


"It was a cool experience because I’ve never seen snow fall," she added. "It felt magical to us!"

The National Weather Service in Los Angeles said a graupel shower was observed in Malibu near 540 feet above sea level about 1:30 p.m. Wednesday.

The FOX Forecast Center said another storm would move through the Northwest on Thursday, which will bring rain and snow to the region. An even stronger system is eyeing the West Coast this weekend, which could bring an additional 1 to 5 feet of snow to the Sierra Nevada with around 2 to 3 inches of rain in parts of Northern California.