WATCH: Cars seen doing donuts at busy downtown Silver Spring intersection

Multiple cars were seen doing donuts in the middle of a busy intersection in Downtown Silver Spring Saturday night.

A viewer sent FOX 5 cell phone video of the drifting, and it shows a crowd of people observing while Montgomery County Police try to navigate through the crowd.

Officers responded around 10:30 p.m. to the intersection of Ellsworth Drive and Fenton Street, which is near the Regal Majestic movie theater and Ellsworth Place mall, a popular destination for dining and shopping.

Earl Stoddard, assistant chief administrative officer for the Executive Office of Montgomery County said, "It’s incredibly dangerous. There have been incidents across the country where people have lost their lives or onlookers have been injured."

According to Stoddard, Downtown Silver Spring is changing. While there have been some improvements, some things are getting worse. For example – homicides are down, but carjackings are up. As police investigate and tackle crime, Stoddard wants to remind residents to also do their part by staying vigilant and never leaving a car running without the driver inside.

At this time, an analysis is being done to see if Downtown Silver Spring is in need of another police district to help combat crime. Many people who live, work, and play in the area think it is a good idea because what used to be a quiet place is now raising concerns.

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Silver Spring resident John O’Donnell said he is worried about his safety and his family’s.

"I think it’s pretty bad, pretty bad," O'Donnell said. "There’s more and more of it going around, especially on Georgia Avenue. Snatch and grabs, carjackings, people getting held up. Our grocery store had three or four robberies in the last month, so it’s very unpleasant."

Another woman said, "It’s just too close to home. You’re not safe anywhere, but when it starts coming to the area where you live, it’s a problem."

What’s being done to make people feel more comfortable? Well, Stoddard said there are three main strategies the police department is honing in on.

1)      Recruiting and retaining more officers.

2)      Adding technology.

3)      Improving mental health treatments for those in need.

At this time, no arrests have been made in regard to the donut situation. If police find the driver or drivers responsible, they would receive a citation to cough up a few hundred dollars.

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Multiple cars were seen doing donuts in the middle of a busy intersection in downtown Silver Spring on Saturday night, video from the area shows.