Warren middle schoolers unknowingly ate pot-laced Cookie Crisp, hospitalized

A Warren student was arrested this week for serving his classmates a snack that police said looked like cookie cereal but was laced with pot.

Several students were hospitalized Wednesday when a 9th grade student handed out the cereal treats that they didn't know were edibles.

"They passed it out and it looked exactly like Cookie Crisp cereal," Marjoria McCloud said.

Her daughter, Destiny Perdue, said it seemed fine when she and her friends at the cereal, but then they all got sick.

"It tasted normal for a second and we just continued to eat it," Perdue said. "I felt dizzy and I started shaking real bad. I just started crying out of nowhere. I couldn't control while i was crying....yeah, it's just scary."

The 8th grader's mom was called by the school who told her that her daughter was high.

"I was like 'what do you mean she was given edible marijuana?'" McCloud said. "They was like 'she's very frantic, she's crying out. We need you to come get her because she's high' That's the last thing you want - to hear when your kid is at school and supposed to be learning and you find out that they're high."

Destiny said she and two other girls had to go to the hospital and a fourth may have symptoms as well. Two ninth grade boys are being investigated.