Walt Whitman High School students walk out in protest of antisemitic graffiti

Walt Whitman High School students walked out of class Thursday days after antisemitic graffiti was found painted on a sign at the campus.

The demonstration was organized by the student group, Jews4Change. The group says they want increased holocaust education at schools in Montgomery County.

The group said they hope the protest will call attention to their cause and will lead to a meeting with Montgomery County Public School officials.

PHOTO: Montgomery County Councilmember Kate Stewart

Antisemitic graffiti was found discovered outside the school Saturday painted on the sign board in front of the building.

A picture from the scene shows the words "Jews Not Welcome" scribbled across the board. An image of the scene later on Saturday showed that the graffiti had been covered.

In a letter sent to families, Walt Whitman High School's Principal Robert Dodd, called the action "abhorrent" and "extremely hurtful." The letter added that school officials immediately reported the graffiti to police.

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Dodd also asked parents to talk to their children "about respecting and showing acceptance to all people and demonstrating understanding of our differences. Please help them understand the impact that intolerable symbols, words, and actions have."

The investigation into the graffiti is continuing.