Waiter gets $25K tip from stranger for dental work

WICHITA, Kan. - A Kentucky man can't stop smiling after getting the gift of a lifetime.

For the longest time, the Wichita waiter was in desperate need of dental care.

But Brian Maixner never let it put a damper on his spirit nor stop him from cracking a smile as he darted from table to table serving his customers an infectious laugh.

That all changed when Oklahoma lawyer Fred Boettcher was in town visiting his daughter.

The Good Samaritan noticed the waiter's teeth were in pretty bad shape.

"I looked at this guy and I thought this guy, this guy is something special," Boettcher said.

So, what did he do next?

He left Maixner a $25,000 tip to be used towards his much-needed dental work.

Maixner says he will pay the man's generosity forward by showing kindness to strangers, just like it was showed to him.