Waffle House Reaches Delicious Milestone

Today, at 10:04 a.m. Waffle House customer Shanneil McCollum got the surprise of her life when she asked for an Apple Crumb Waffle.

The Miami native was visiting Atlanta with some friends and just happened to pop into the Centennial Olympic Park restaurant for breakfast. Not only did she get a yummy breakfast item, she also got an award for being the person who ordered the company's one billionths waffle!

You heard us right - one billion waffles! That's a lot of waffles.

So how did Waffle House know in advance that the one billionth waffle would be sold at that exact location on September 8? According to their twitter account it was "Waffle Magic."

Our next question is when do they reach their one billionth cup of coffee or has the 24 hour food chain already passed that milestone? We're still waiting to find out. But in the meantime we'll keep enjoying those waffles.