Virginia man’s Halloween social-distancing creation ‘goes viral’

- Courtesy: Chris Minor

Communities across the country are trying to devise guidelines for kids to trick-or-treat safely in the era of COVID-19 – and some are even banning the Halloween tradition altogether out of an abundance of caution.

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A Virginia man thinks he has the solution – and his clever trick-or-treat device is drawing a lot of attention online.

Chris Minor of Ashland says he was at Home Depot with his wife and they were brainstorming about what to do for Halloween when he became inspired.

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A little while later – he had just the contraption.

Minor devised a covered slide that fits atop his steps from which he can dispense to candy to neighborhood children, who are kept at a safe distance.

The tubular slide is painted orange to give it some special Halloween flair.

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“Sometimes the simplest ideas are the ones that take the world by storm. If you have an idea, a thought, or a way to make things better, don’t be afraid to put it out there! Everything that exists today started with a simple idea,” Minor said.

Minor’s post on Facebook drew approximately 10,000 shares at last check – although some of the reactions were mixed.

He says he’s proud of the creation, despite dealing with some criticism.

“You’ll always be met with criticism regardless of how good your intentions are. Ignore the noise and be proud of yourself no matter what people say,” Minor said on his Facebook post.