Virginia Lottery: Woman altered ticket to make it look like a winner

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The Virginia Lottery says a woman admitted to altering a non-winning lottery ticket in an attempt to claim a winning prize.

Lottery officials say they were contacted by Ardella Newman after she said she was unable to claim prizes for two tickets she said were winners. Newman claimed one of the tickets was a $20,000 winner and a second ticket was worth $52.

After reviewing the incident, Lottery officials say the first ticket was a combination of two tickets that were printed on the same sheet. Scratch-off tickets are printed on large sheets, or rolls, and are divided by perforations. Newman allegedly turned in the bottom of one ticket and the top of a second ticket which were still connected together at the perforation. The alleged winning number, which appeared to match the $20,000 prize, was actually part of a separate ticket.

In the second incident, Lottery officials say Newman admitted to taping together two different tickets in her attempt to claim a winning $52 prize.

Newman not only violated Lottery rules, she could possibly face felony counterfeiting charges.

The Virginia Lottery is still reviewing this case to determine if additional actions are necessary.