'Virginia is for Lovers:' Will current scandals impact tourism?

The New York Post's cover "Virginia is for Losers" quickly spread on social media fueling the narrative about the scandals surrounding the state's top leaders.

Now, there's growing concern the play on the decades' old state motto may cause tourists to think twice.

Welcome centers across the state are now working hard to make sure the one-liner doesn't discredit the state's five decades old motto or worse, impact tourism.

Virginia is known for its beaches, mountains, wineries, attractions and arguably one of the most iconic state slogans in the world -- Virginia is for Lovers.

Now, the New York Posts' "Virginia is for Losers" -- a play on the endearing phrase -- has become synonymous with the scandals surrounding the state's governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general.

Many people FOX 5 talked to Friday said the scandals wouldn't impact their decisions to visit the state.

"It's just Virginia, it won't stop me," said Lionel Sidberry.

However, others stated it would impact their support of activities in the state.

"It causes me to pause when I'm supporting a state that's being represented by that type of people," said Elijah Truitt. "Not necessarily visiting but in supporting other activities in the state of Virginia, absolutely."

Virginia Tourism Corporation says in 2017 domestic visitors spent $25 billion. They had no comment about the controversial "Virginia is for Losers" cover or the damage it could do on the state's brand.

Virginia is for Lovers came about in 1969 and most recently made the top 10 tourism marketing campaign on Forbes.com.

This year, the state's official tourism website says the Commonwealth is "celebrating 50 years of love."