Virginia family farm is home to giant busts of past presidents

As Americans prepare to head to the polls to select the next commander-in-chief, Jenna Lee paid a visit to a Virginia field that is surprisingly home to larger-than-life tributes to past presidents.

When plans for a private presidential park were abandoned, Howard Hankins saved the massive cement and steel statues of 43 presidents.

"They wanted me to crush them and just get them out of the park," Hankins said. "I just couldn't do it."

So Hankins took an excavator and moved each of the 16,000-pound statues down the freeway and lined them all up on his family farm in Croaker, Virginia.

"As one president moves peacefully from power to the history books and a new leader emerges, who will they be? What will define their legacy?" Jenna wondered. "Their stone-faced company - and the country - quietly await."

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